Website Security

According to CERT-IN almost 3000 websites face cyber security related incidents per month due to poor development, with huge financial cost.

With Certified and Experienced Ethical Hackers, We discover and patch exploitable vulnerabilities before hackers can potentially exploit them.

We perform comprehensive approach followed by complete patching and re-testing of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

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Why Choose Us?

Cyber Cops provides end to end solutions to the clients. We also provide high degree of customization depending upon the kind of business, organization for greater flexibility and optimum outcome.

For best results, Cyber Cops uses Industry benchmark tools and standards like OWASP 10, SANS 25 etc. We also employ own scripts while performing manual testing and re-test for vulnerabilities after patching them up.

Certified Professionals: We have team of Certified Ethical Hackers, who have rich knowledge and expertise of several years. They have and will continue to provide excellent quality services to our clients.

Domain Expertise: Our team rich in skills and experience possess requisite technical skills and domain expertise.

Proactive than Reactive: The specialized team works on security of devices, networks and systems pro-actively.

Complete Solution: Cyber Cops provide complete suite of manual and automated security testing services.


Penetration Testing

Pen-testing identifies and validates exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, applications and facilities before adversaries can discover and exploit them. Focus areas include Networks, Applications and Physical Pen-testing.

Full List of Services Offered:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Red Teaming
  • Risk Advisory
  • Compliances
  • Web Application Security Assessment

Complete Website Security

We are passionate about our work. Our professionals stay ahead of the curve to provide best cyber security solutions to make your business stand out. Our experts are committed to maintaining the highest marketing standards so that your site will withstand the test of time.

Red Teaming

A multi layered complete simulation attack to measure how well your Networks and Applications can withstand real life attacks.

Risk Advisory

Risk Advisories are provided after evaluating the potential security threats, so that the cyber risks are managed appropriately.

Cyber Emergency

Our Cyber Emergency Response Team will help you in distress with their knowledge, experience and expertise as and when needed.


Secure Websites created


Secure App created


Cyber advisories issued


Cyber Incidents handled

What is VA / PT?

Vulnerability Assessment: Vulnerability Assessment refers to process of analyzing the organization’s network to identify the threats and take pro-active remedial measures. Using various tools and techniques we perform diverse range of testing and fix all types of risks that can later on be used to precipitate attacks.

Penetration Testing: Pen-testing aims to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the system which may impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data by emulating a real attack. In this approach, our ethical hackers identify the uncovered security loopholes. The objective of a penetration test is to validate the current security implementation and identify the vulnerabilities with the updated attack set.


Advance Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Framework:

  • Scan & Detect
  • Prioritise
  • Exploit
  • Report
  • Remediate
  • Regression Audit
Audit Report:
Technical Report:

It contains details of vulnerabilities identified, their potential technical impact, exhibits and technical remedies. The report helps plug in the gaps before an adversity can potentially exploit them.

Remedial Report:

It contains details of vulnerabilities identified along with their severity level. An “Executive Summary” along with findings, conclusions and remedial measures.